About Us

Copper fins and brass tubes radiator manufacturer Armor Heat Transfer has completed 32 years on this industry and continue to offer high quality and economic products to the customers. Armor Heat Transfer is improving its production line day by day and producing all kinds of quality, durable and environmentally friendly products. As Armor Heat Transfer, we believe in the goal of achieving customer satisfaction in the best way by offering high-efficiency solutions with our R&D team experienced in heat transfer and is getting ready for the future with new production methods and technology every day. Armor Heat Transfer is focused on developing new products, making new investments and customer satisfaction with its high quality and good communication with all its energy. We would like to see everyone among us who wants to make business partnerships in our sector in order to achieve our goal. Best regards


We are able to provide to the demands with our wide product range, various tube and fin designs in our modern manufacturing plant. We produce all major components in our plant. Regarding to our process procedures; We test all products during production and before packing. We can develop new products quickly with our own mold design, R&D team at own tooling area. With our sense of quality production and stable service, we are expanding our customer portfolio and sales network every year. We are able to follow our products with our software and special labels during production after sales and our warranty procedures works well.

Envıronmental Awareness

Armor Heat Transfer carries out an environmentally friendly production by using purification systems, solar panels, ventilation and cleaning filters in its production with the value it attaches to people and nature. It makes a completely environmentally friendly production with the clean air filters it uses in its chimneys during production and it does not generate waste material that will harm any living creature.